Course Syllabus 2, Applied Mediation, Section A)

Boris Böttcher posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
I like the description, while it is still to be specified what is ‘nature’? Anyhow, the great challenge for the world, and its social co-/non-/inter-dependencies, and therefore for each individuum, is laying behind the two keywords: ‘conscious’ and ‘can’.
How conscious human beings are at this stage is only to be answered on philosophical level since the one are still convinced humans are the ‘creation’s crowning glory’ while the others might argue that there is still a long way to go to achieve even just the next step of development.
Which leads to the opportunity that ‘every conscious being can draw examples’ or not. Seeing some people fighting for the last offer in a supermarket, of a good which will be delivered anyway soon again in these parts of the world, someone might come to certain conclusions.
Anyhow, both reflections lead to a certain extent to the conclusion that we are all individuals and on our way. And each one of us with a different perception, on a different level (without judgement) and definitively in a different pace.