Critical Self Reflection

Pamela Simelane posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
The above statement means that every individual differs substantially from the other, in the form of their existence, thinking, behavior, cultural orientation etc. A person\'s background shapes that person\'s future; what he/she becomes and how the person conducts him/herself in society. Therefore, it is possible to find two persons who grew up in the same community but those persons may differ in character because of certai circumstances each person has been exposed to while growing up. I grew up in a rural village and that has influenced me to date in a sense that I feel like good life can only be obtained in the rural areas. I was raised up in a home environment where going out to visit friends was not allowed, somehow that has shaped who I am today; I love my private life in my compound or within closed doors, I do not have so much a desire to go out. 

Dear Pamela, thank you for your perspective. Personally, I find it very thrilling to discover the environmental impact that made us who we are today. It also grants that possiblity to play around with other eventualities, setting up fictive characters and reflect on how they may have reacted or where they may come from. Obviously, it is up to us, being an adult, to accept our personal setting or to possibly modify it. I think that such a modification is only possible, if an individual knows its roots. BR, Daniel