Distinctness in individuals as a result of experiences

Sneha Mohanty posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
It is an apparent fact that every individual is distinct in his or her approach and nature towards things. Race and nationality play the shortest roles in defining what an individual grows up to be. All that counts is the aspect of \"individual experiences\" and the individual\'s method of dealing with things. This explain the fact that why aspects like faith and religion arent factories that produce similar minded people after all. Individual experiences are known to teach a lot to human beings and have different effects on each individual. 

Dear Sneha,

thank you for this great feedback. To you, this truth seems to be clear, but to possibly the majority of mankind it is not. And in order to create even more distance between the individual and this specific finding, I think media promotes a general leveling of mankind, more likely to be all simply users of mobile devices. So, our next question shall be, who has a benefit by this procedure and how can we conquer it?

BR, Daniel