Every human is unique

Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
Every human is born equal. However, depending on one\'s socialization, upbringing, economic situation, peer group, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, culture, and societal norms, every human is individual and unique. Working with people in any circumstance, one needs to keep in mind that, as no one is like the other, it is necessary to get to know and learn about the individual thoroughly. 

Stereotypes are found everywhere. It is, therefore, imperative, to avoid discrimination. Being a woman does not mean, that one likes pink and wears dresses, or wants to be a mother. Additionally, working with people from different cultures, learning about cultural differences and enhancing cultural sensitivity can help to understand and better work with different people. 

For the context of mediation, creating an inclusive and free environment in which everyone can speak freely without fear is important. Factors that a mediator needs to consider are also cultural habits. A mediator needs to maintain a judgement-free attitude and reflect on possible stereotypes that often come along with one\'s socialization. 

Dear Tobias,

thank you for your time and thoughts. I truly can add very few. Brilliant perspective.

To me, it is crucial to analyze a person’s perspective by knowing as much as possible about where the person is coming from / the background. I believe that there is always a reason for any action taken. But we still need to consider that the ‘Free Will’ may act on such socio-cultural basis, or truly acts while being disconnected to such environment. That may depend on a person’s spiritual development.

Do you agree?

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,
I agree, what is often considered as ‘Free Will’ is influenced by upbringing, crisis, encounters, life-events, moments, thoughts, relationships, and much more. Being mindful can, therefore, be very beneficial to understand where one is coming from.
Best, Tobias