Every person a universe in themselves

Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
This statement that is to be under reflection rings very true to me. I find it to be a condensed truth. 
Reciprocity implies wholeness – or interdependencies. In the whole everything fits. Why should we then apply too much force?
Forcing people for some reason implies forcing oneself - if that is the general predisposition it implies lack of trust in one\'s abilities and in the wholeness. 
This relates to themes of depth psychology and religion. And to all the difficulties in hoping for needs to be meet in various ways or in dealing with people who may not agree with what one hopes or have violent strategies or countrary values to oneself. 
At times it feels as if we live in two worlds at once.
The imperative personality or tyrant sometimes appears to be very strong. People often seek shelter with a strong parental figure. Whilst the subjugation can easily be counterproductive creating unhealthy interdependencies that stifle growth and the possibility for living life’s adventure with self-confidence and joy. 

Nevertheless sometimes persons take the word freedom and use it as a weapon to remove themselves from rightful critique or responsibility. They may self justify behavior that is self harming or harming others where their understanding may be limited and their strategies for everyday living questionable. 

I have no definite answers on how to deal with all these issues. What I have aimed for is to strengthen my character so that I can deal with more uncertainty and to see the beauty and good in others and in circumstances as much as I can to magnify what can be constructive.

Dear Finnur,

thank you for your thoughts. Yes, I believe this is a very powerful insight. Being a universe by yourself, gives you all the right to be as you are, to see the things as you do, and to develop in the way you wish. Of course, mindful reflections help us to discover who we are, why we are in the way we are, ans which path we want to take in life.

A universe per se, has not need to look for external confirmation, as it is perfect like it is. Being perfect, means mainly to me, to realize our strong and weak parts and to balance them in our daily life. Mediation is not only a conceptual view on how to treat a conflict, but it is more likely the Middle Way … a balanced and a balancing way, while realizing that there is a left and a right side.

Finnur, stand up now! Yes, … now! Stand up and look down to your feet. Then you may see that you are settle and grounded in this life, and wherever you go and take a corresponding step, you can look down again and you will see that you are grounded and settled again. All your potential travels with you and is geared inside yourself. You are not only the change that you want to see in the world, but you are also the universe that you want to life in.

BR, Daniel