Indo- Pak Conflict

Sneha Mohanty posted 10 months ago, 0 Responses
The Indo Pak conflict was born way before the two countries decided to part ways. Recently it came to forefront when India decided to revoke the special status given to Kashmir and took control of the state in the entirety. This led to the Pakistan favoring Kashmiris rising up and fighting against the Indian Army and thus AFSPA was forced to be implemented in order to reduce the loss of casualties in the state.
Many people were harmed and injured in the Kashmir violence and thus the people rose strictly against the Indian Government taking control of the same, hence sending shockwaves even into Pakistan. This was a necessary step due to the Pakistan terrorist groups constantly infiltrating into India and using Kashmir a leeway into avoiding checking and immigration. 
The biggest concern as of now is whether Pakistan is still a threat to India\'s terriotory or not and whether pakistan will still infiltrate Indian territory and call for more terrorist attacks or not. This has always been the situation and this has constantly affected India\'s peace and tranquility.The worst attack that happened in India was the 26/11 Taj Hotel attack which led to many people losing their lives. 
The enmity between India and Pakistan has had a perpetual existence ever since partition of the duo, and thus it threatens each and every day.