Is nature a single unit?

John Oomkens posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
I truly believe that nature is one single unit. But it does not limit itself to nature only. There is that vast source of infinite possibilities, that reservoir of the unmanifested, ready to be projected into our 3D reality. Even though this \'field\' is a layer of expression from that-of-nothingness, a realm in which nothing exists, that state of energyless manifestation, it is our \'conscious awareness\' of this that assists us to view at the events of life which we come across in a way that we can be both the observer and the participant. In other words, it helps us to not only be sensitive, but to be sensible, emphatic and compassionate as well, both within and outside our internal framework.

Dear John,

thank you for giving me once again some wonderful instructions. To me, Nothingness is the space were nothing exists but everything even beyond our imagination is available. It is the source that may materialize itself in due form. Words are as limited as our conceptions, this is why we can never describe what we imagine beyond our existence. And yes, nature is a holistic reality – one single something, while the words ‘one’ and ‘single’ act as human intruders in a super-human sphere.

BR, Daniel