Love is all there is

John Oomkens posted 1 year ago, 2 Responses
I did love to go through this training. One of the reasons is that for me it confirmed what I have been doing already as much as possible. I deliberately say ‘as much as possible’, as serving humanity is an ongoing effort through inner development. There are no exceptions there. Your course provides a solid and structural foundation to build upon as a mediator / ‘reconsilliator’. Your call to action is one should heal the world as a mindful mediator. I would extend that for myself by saying that, as a mindful mediator, I would, in healing ‘myself’, I can contribute in healing the world along the way and beyond. This also is an ongoing process whereby one realizes that one only can contribute so much as to the extent one has gone through that internal healing and reconciliation process for themselves. For me, mediation is not just about a process between parties. In practical sense, my focus and preference would be more that I like to mediate people through their internal processes, bringing all of those fragments together in a harmonious way. Or to say it in a different way, mediation is for me mostly to assist people in bringing together and healing those fragmented and broke souls in order to open up the way to have a harmonious and peaceful life, being able in this way to give back and contribute to the tribe they are a part of. And then to assist them to free themselves from those internal and external aspects that keeps them in bondage. To assist them to be able to detach themselves from ‘themselves’ and others as a way to liberation and self-actualization. This is what I envision in my mediation practice with individuals. 
I love the way you describe the three pillars as Deep Listening, Critical Thinking and Wise Speaking. For me personally I would add two other pillars to it. For me those additional pillars would be Total Surrender and Deep Love. With regards to Total Surrender, it comes down for me to my realization that I can do nothing by ‘’my own strength, might or power’’. That, relying on these aspects (strength, might and power), it would lead to a disaster in the outcome of my work. I have an obligation towards the people I work with to provide them with all that I have and can. And through that, to be able to have the deepest possible impact for the betterment of people’s lives as an individual, and because of that, their impact in society.
And yes, I will certainly contribute as well through mediation between parties that believe or perceive that they are in disagreement. As written before in one of the reflections, I strongly believe that using and broadcasting the power of Deep Love is the key element to the (dis-)solution of the perceived conflict.
So then, what did I learn from this training. The main thing for me is that I found a tribe that showed to me that I am not crazy, and that for me it confirms that I am on the right track. This to me is an encouragement to continue with my contributions in the way have been doing all along. So….. Daniel (and other contributors), thank you so much. May all of your visions for the betterment of this world and humanity become a reality, including the betterment of your internal world.   

Dear John,

I bow my head, what else could I do?

I would like to state it like this: Total Surrender (The Starting Point and Initial Mindset) – Deep Listening, Critical Thinking, Wise Speaking ( The Working Tools) – Overall Love (The ‘Ending’ Point).

Or in other words: One Pillar: Total Surrender, the other Pillar: Overall Love, and the Working Tools form the Arch.

Thank you for continuing and finalizing this training, being my attempt to have a positive impact.

BR, Daniel