Mediation is a social core skill that lies veiled within each of us.

Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
I find the Buddhist theory on Dukkha, Tanha, and Moha fascinating and enriching. Ignorance leading to false viewpoints leading to attachment, which furthermore causes suffering, is logical, and for me, a thought strain that should be taken under consideration. Having lived in Myanmar, where Buddhism is practiced countrywide, I experienced the mindfulness and wisdom of Buddhist monks. However, looking at the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, and the reaction of many Buddhist leaders who justify violence, Buddhist theories also need proper translation and implementation on the ground level. 
Mindfulness, for me, also means being present in every moment. Observing, understanding, asking the right questions, and preserving a judgment-free attitude are critical elements in mediation processes. 
Mindfulness can be strengthened through self-reflection. Knowing and understanding one’s background, upbringing, values, socialization, and culture and how it affects the way one thinks, acts, and reacts is highly beneficial. 
Thinking about myself, my family background, geographical origin, values taught as a child, school friends, family dramas, relationships, crisis, highlights, experiences, and encounters have left a shaped me and my personality and ambitions. 

Dear Tobias,

I have many friends of Theravada Buddhism in Thailand. They all teach what they learned. To me, it is wonderful, even though I have a very unique and powerful way of discovering Mindfulness. Actually, I discovered it for myself under the name of ‘Awareness’. So, I wanted to teach people in self-responsible awareness. Only later on, I noted that the world already talks about what I found for myself under the term of Mindfulness. So still, it is different to see monks teaching what they learned by Dharma Talk for example, and my approach that developed itself inside of me. Many people do not understand that to be a Mediator can be a Call. It can be a Call to live and to practice an Applied Middle Way, not only for the management of conflict.

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,
Your experiences in Theravada Buddhism sound extremely interesting. I assume that different techniques, such as yoga and meditation can also support reaching mindfulness. Also fascinating to hear your thoughts and being a Mediator as following a Call.
Best, Tobias