Mediation is a social core skill that lies veiled within each of us

John Oomkens posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
The question is what is mindfulness and what is it in relation to the mediation process. I would answer with some questions. Is it possible to ask this question if one does not know who or what is asking and who or what is answering? How does one get to know who or that what is asking and how to get to know who or that what is answering? If our manifestation is a merely projection from this vast ocean of infinite possibilities, that place where everything already exists, including every possibility in the past, the present and the future, then who and where is that I who asks and that I who answers? If that ‘’I’’ is a projection and not tangible reality, could it then be that that ‘’I’’ does not exist? Does this than mean that there is nobody who asks and nobody who answers? Does this than mean that there is no substance that can be mindful in every possible way? Or is the only possibility to be that change to ‘’manifest’’ this projection as its Presence? And is this Presence than that what influences both parties in that situation? And is it than that that presence of the Presence dissolves or melts away the components of a projected conflict? And does this than mean that after this purifying reconciliation both parties are invited to represent and to be that Presence? And does this than, in human terms, translate into an open communication flow, where mutual respect, dignity, appreciation, acknowledgement, resonance, peace, pure wisdom and even love exists? And does this than mean that one is free from bondage, attachments and suffering because of the realization that the ‘’I’’ in its form does not exist? And does this than imply that one does not need to cross that bridge, not have to put in the effort to ‘’do’’ that as one, as that projection, IS the Bridge? May all projections be free from suffering and bondage. May the Truth enlighten all projections and make us free. Peace to ALL. 

Dear John,

you see? How may we find answers to all these questions, even more under the perspective that ‘what is true to me, may mean something else to you’. I believe that the mindful aspect is that we may understand, that we need to question it all. Imagine that you use your questioning skills now in mediation. The process of mediation might not go any further because you will analyze only one party’s view in such a deep way that (s)he will deliver endless answers and get to know the conflict in a totally new way. So does the second and still listening party.

Do not believe that the secret in mediation is to ‘guide’ someone through several steps of a process or to reach an agreement – this is only for blind mediators (including the UN approach). The secret is to forget such a concept, to create mindful questions, to focus on both involved parties, to feel them, and to accept an open flow. Everything will take its way, believe me.

And yes, … who am I, who are you? We are a conglomerate of physical and non-physical fragments that exist now, but that also existed before and will exist after our current appearance. So, our essence was, is, and will be. Simply, like in mediation, forget about the form.

BR, Daniel