Mediator as a peace manager

Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
List of peiople UN Peace Messenger: 
Leonardo DiCaprio: 
Daniel Barenboim
Jane Goodall
Lang Lang
Yo-Yo Ma
Michael Douglas
Chalrize Therin
Stevie Wonder 

Nevertheless, many celebrities, social media influencers, singers, actors, artists, moviemakers, writers, and comedians deliver political messages, start a campaign, raise awareness on and collect money for peace and mediation efforts. Dustin Hoffmann spoke up against the US government\'s Iraq policy. In times of social media, an influencer on Instagram or Youtube has the potential to reach millions of people of all ages. Especially the young generation can be taught through innovative media platforms. 

Dear Tobias,

yes, it is impressive that we as mediators are not only focussing on the management of conflict but also may guide people through challenging times by being an example – even regarding the prevention of conflict.

BR, Daniel