Mindfull Mediation

Claudia Neves posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
Although each human being is unique, a singularity that distinguished from all other beings that exist and have ever existed on the planet, it can be difficult to express yourself in the world. Culture, with its values ​​and power games, has impact on how much we can express our difference. There are environments that recognize the value of each person\'s contribution to the civilizing process, how much each being can add up with his difference. In these contexts, each one can, feeling more free to manifest, express more easily with their own being in the world. There are environments that require standard responses, impose a way of being and living, a unique way of thinking and functioning, to the detriment of each person\'s right, even if the expression of that right does not cause harm to other people. It is not uncommon to see in the world, the use of power and strength to impose the will of many on individual choices; both within smaller groups, such as family members, and in larger groups, such as countries. The degree of openness of the environment for the self expression is crucial for the construction of singularities, which are constituted throughout life. The non-acceptance of our difference can cause us pain and to escape the pain, we often give up what would be the construction of our own response, and as efect, we can put ourselves in a place wich we understand that the environment expects of us, moving away from ourselves . A system that works this way does not produce sustainable results. On the contrary, a context that welcomes each one by integrating it into a construction of a larger system, integrating all parts, can result in a more sustainable and more pacifying system. There is the possibility of breaking with the conditions that forged our adaptation to the environment in order to move away from what we are. It goes through the openness we may have in the search for what we really are, in the values ​​we believe in and what we should do in this world.

Dear Claudia,

thank you so very very much for these insights! You really made me learn a lot AND you made me understand that I did grow up in a family that more likely did not welcome individual development, even though I managed to express my personality, but this took me a long time and a lot of work / suffering.

It is interesting that a state may welcome the individual development but a proper family may possibly not. And it is also my perspective that here in Germany it is part of the propaganda that we all shall ‘realize’ ourselves BUT I think this is also only accepted until a specific point, namely the point of questioning the government’s decision-making processes.

Another point is that realizing oneself can also be used in a political and distracting way. Nowadays, we see more and more people being divorced and more and more people joining nursing homes as no family member wants to take care of the person. So, all these social commitments are identified to be distracting people from their journey to self-realization. It is very sad to see that such a movement makes the economy grow by having nursing home being full, more and more small flats, kindergartens – schools and late-care places are fully booked.

A personal note: Claudia, I try to fight these circumstances by trying to make people being critical thinkers. I would be happy to see you joining my passion.

Once again – thank you for YOUR instruction.

Best regards, Daniel