Mindfulness in Mediation, Syllabus 1

Boris Böttcher posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
Out of my experience from especially the last ten years I came to the same conclusion. We are all humans. We are all equal. We are all different. Already as individuals. The challenge is to detect the difference in each of our interlocuteur, next person, colleague, partner. Mainly, how will he/she get my messages, how can I get the other\'s message, to an extent that we understand each other, and we can tolerate us, cooperate, work together, love each other. On top of it, the cultural background and individual family etc. environment is so dominant, that the before mentioned is even more challenging. Since we do not know about the other, if even about our own background. The latter, we mainly find out through reflection by others. Personally, I would add, that a strong personality is of advantage, which entails, however, that with some less strong other beings it might be a process to learn to accept, to deal with, to like each other.

Dear Boris,

thank you for your thoughts. I guess you said it all: ‘We are all equal. We are all different.’ Many years ago, I develop the phrase: ‘We are a group of individualists.’ Maybe the term ‘individuals’ would make it a bit softer. Back then, I only started my journey of awareness-raising, and it is fun to see it still being of value to me even today.

BR, Daniel