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Marvin Garbeh Davis posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
Dr Erdman

What an interesting question to reflect on: How could a mediation concept look like without putting chains on it? This question brings to mind Ramana Maharshi’s Self Enquiry method especially when he talks about Neutrality and Surrender. According to Maharshi, we should enter into Mediation in a state of “void” so that nothing is superimposed on this void – that is no concepts, not attributes. A Mediator has to remind him/herself that while concepts are guideposts we should not allow our minds to allow it to be a force in Mediation. A mind in a state of void cannot be known by means of methods or system. When our mind is in a void, we are truly in surrender and it penetrates our entire being. All our energies, which were previously mobilized by thoughts, desires, and our personality in general, enter into a peace bringing equilibrium. In this state, we observe the present moment as it is; we notice our judgments arise during Mediation but we make a mental note and let them pass. We return to observing the present moment as it is and though our minds might get carried away in the thought, we return again and again to the present moment. We are also kind to our wandering mind, we  don’t judge ourselves for whatever thought that crop up, we just keeping recognizing when our mind wanders off and gently bring it back into that sacred void that delivers us from all attachments

Dear Marvin,

wonderful words.

So the point is, that each time that we return to our state of pure awareness, our level of knowledge changed, as we obtain more and more information to work with. This is like a spiral staircase, we get back to the starting point, but always at a higher level.

I hope this helps, …

BR, Daniel