Reflection no.1 on Personality

Cristina Tutu posted 2 years ago, 2 Responses
Personality is a very interesting and complex concept and it has intrigued me since adolescence, reason why I started reading psicology and philosophy very early.  Therefore, I can honestly affirm that I feel familiar with different types of personality. I also am aware of the fact that one person may have more than one personality, which he/she may display alternatively, and also that some do have a more incisive personality - while others have a flexible/ easy going personality. Finally, all the traits of one’s personality dictate their behaviour.

While, the arguments from a psicological perspective may stimulate my reasoning, I would like to offer a short personal point of view upon the concept of personality and how this may influence the end of a Mediation session, especially in cases of a certain difficulty or when dealing with difficult people.

Shortly, there are different ways to manage challenging clients. And being able to understand some traits of the client’s personality may qualify as a perfect strenght in certain situations, such as knowing when to stop, insist or seal the deal. There is no perfect personality and no perfect situation and certainly I don’t wish to have the perfect routine. In my daily professional life, I treat people with empathy, respect and care for their well-being and no matter what their background, personality or race is, my purpose is to be professinal and make them feel welcomed and in good hands.

Dear Cristina,

thank you for all your thoughts. You raise really interesting points, such as the fact that a person may own different personalities that may be connected to specific environmental settings, or that occur whenever such a change of personality may be ‘provoked’.

I totally agree on your point saying that there is no ‘perfect’ personality and there may not be a ‘perfect’ way to treat a personality. Judging in such a way should not be part of our portfolio 😉 And yes, we should deal and accept the personalities like they present themselves to us, and deal with them in the most authentic and sensitive way.

I hope this responds to your point of view.

BR, Daniel

Thank you, Prof!
It was challenging thinking about this topic and relating it to Mediation. I feel it could have been said smt else, but maybe furthermore when I will understand better the concept of Mindful Meditation!
Thank you again for your comments, looking forward for the next work.