Reflections 2.2

Cristina Tutu posted 2 years ago, 1 Responses
Nature is a single unit as conceived but is dissimilar in its various manifestations. It is the principal model from which every conscious being can draw examples in order to elevate their own free and independent personality.”
As a extra-sensitive person, usually too empathetic with the proximus, (as sometimes get described) my opinion regarding the above statement is that we are all different and our personalities change in time as a result of different circumstances and situations we face to.

The nature gives us the warmness of the sun in the morning, the coolness of the rain during summer and the hope and romanticism of the night with full moon. We can elevate our own spirit by meditating to its simplicity and yet complexity. It is something we are used to since our birth, but it surprises us each time, maybe in a moment of nostalgia or solitude.

In these moments of consciousness, the nature inspires us and creates for us that perfect circumstance that we are waiting for in order to realise our hopes and dreams.

Nature teaches us in simple words that what comes around, goes around (as the song says) and if we are there- present in spirit and with clear mind, we can see the solution to our deepest concerns and to our toughest attitudes. 

Dear Cristina,

yes, you are right: We are all different AND we all change as time is passing by. It is a bitter misconception that a person’s character or opinion always stays the same. It is a natural progress to change, hopefully for the better of society but it might also be of a contrary character.

We need to accept changes and use this force and truth to create a benefit out of it. Obviously, our mindful perspective may lead us to an holistic understanding of Life.

BR, Daniel