Section: A) – Syllabus 1

Kateryna Yasko posted 1 year ago, 2 Responses
As humans, we are extremely diverse in terms of our nervous system, character, level of emotional maturity, etc. We might exude different \"vibrations\" due to various past individual experiences that we went though in our life. The environment in which the person was brought up plays an enormous role. Was a person brought up in the environment where partnership, belonging, connection and cooperation were core values or in a completely different setting - it significantly effects our mindsets and the way as adults we think, act, in particular in terms of connecting and collaborating with each other. 

Dear Kateryna, thank you for your thoughts. I believe that this can be a very first entry point to comprehend or better said to imagine what diversity truly means. Too often, we talk about cultural or religious diversity but in reality, diversity starts right next to us. We do not have to travel far in order to find deeply founded different perspectives. To be aware of this diversity means that we have an immense source of unique concepts and perspectives to discover, to analyze, and to reflect on. To me, this means being alive. To question the moment, to question my neighbor’s statements, and to analyze, reflect and learn.