Section: A) – Syllabus 1

John Oomkens posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
Even though that in the average situation one\'s upbringing, social context, morals an values play an important role, humans have that innate drive to self-actualization, to be liberated from anything that keeps one in bondage.

Dear John,

thank you for these thoughts and your perspective. I believe what you call ‘self-actualization’ is what I would call ‘self-realization’ – meaning to realize oneself. This is a common and popular term that is also of a tricky character. Nowadays, people often look for setting themselves free, but actually they do not know how to do so, or what their goal really looks like or feels like. To me, it looks like people get confused too easy and believe that progress is always better than where or who they are right now. I think progress is important but a person needs a destination. It may not be mandatory to continue collecting more and more Master’s and PhD titles through life, but progress can also be the improvement of what you know and who you are right now. In some cultures, being a restless person, is the worst state of mind to be.

BR, Daniel