Section: A) – Syllabus 2

Chakrapani Misra posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
To my mind, every person is different - possessing different personalities, needs, interests, behaviors, goals and aspirations. While on the face of it, it appears that the nature is a one-dimensional entity exposing all to the same kind of environment, it is actually has various manifestations and each person, depending on his own traits, personality and behavior, extracts what it seeks to take away in order to elevate his/her own self and self-actualize. 

Dear Chakrapani,

thank you for your perspective. I am truly grateful as you shared with me a thought that I could never identify before, namely that ‘nature is a one-dimensional entity’ … being so kind as to offer to everybody the same lessons. While it is up to the individual to select, to understand, to learn, and to put into practice once again.

Thank you so much – Daniel