Section: A) - Syllabus 2

Anna Gazdag posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
Section “A” is a quote which is about the complexity of our world because the universe is made from patterns but there are always differences between the “units” that follow each other. A great example is parent and child. They might be extremely similar to each other and they still have some unique features because there are no two persons in this world who are the exact copy of each other not even twins. As I have mentioned earlier I have personal experience with the differences between twins but during my higher education I have also analyzed the differences between cultures that have the same roots. I could also just look at languages which stem from latin for instance. They have very similar structures still they have their unique twists on almost every single word that comes from the same latin origin.

Dear Anna,

isn’t interesting? When adults have children, they more likely needed their own lives to develop their characters up to this specific moment. Then, based on the development stage of their character, they instruct, influence, and guide to newborn. But this individual will take the parents teachings into a new generation, a new mindset, and new challenges. Thus, the instructions will be adopted and adjusted, until the story repeats itself.

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,

In deed, it is very interesting to see how a constantly changing system is influencing another which is also constantly changing. That’s one of the reasons I never agreed that someone that is older is without a doubt a more perfect human being. In my opinion older generations sometimes only realise their faults when the younger generation shows them a different (better) way.