Section: A) - Syllabus 5

Anna Gazdag posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
The quote at the beginning of this chapter means to me that during my work either as a diplomat, a crisis and security manager, or a mediator it is crucially important for me to respect and advocate for other’s freedom and independence of personality. In general it means the world would be a much safer and more peaceful place if everyone would take that principle seriously. There are unfortunately a lot of people who don’t take it seriously hence the history of humankind is a long list of conflicts one after the other.

Dear Anna,

yes, I guess you refer to the true call of being a Mediator, namely to work for mankind without actual hope of a reward but to push mankind towards a most likely positive and sustainable transformation of mindset and action.

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for that comment. I like the expression “true call of being a Mediator”. I agree.

Best regards,