Section: A) Syllabus 2

Doris Danzig-Jones posted 11 months ago, 1 Responses
This is a very philosophical statement indeed! 

Nature is a singly unity but is diverse. Nature was the beginning and will be the end of humanity if we are not careful how we treat the planet. But is nature the sole factor through which we develop our personality? I am hesitant to be of that opinion. Reason being is that for example society and the way the human race interact with each other as suggested in Erwin Goffmann\'s book \'The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life\' plays also a very important role in how the personality is developed. To conclude, nature is just one part of the whole process of the self-development of humans.

Dear Doris,

first of all, I love this phrase: Nature is a singly unity but is diverse.

Of course, there are other factors that have influence on one’s personality, namely the DNA and a person’s very own capabilities.

Interesting enough that nature will survive the human epoch, but does nature has a beginning and an end?

BR, Daniel