Section: B) – Syllabus 1

Gemma Rentero posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
In my case as a Mediator I have been influenced by Mindfulness and Buddhism .   Silent Educator is a new concept for me but I think it is a very interesting one.
Mindfulness in my daily life, means being focused on the activity I am doing.Which in turn means (especially) no multitasking. The most difficult thing for me is not being attached to my thoughts.
I grew up near the sea and it has a undoubtedly influenced  my personality (Silent Educator). I have a special connection with the sea and I feel like home anywhere near the sea. 
Otherwise I have been studying religions for years. I received my education  in a catholic school and later belonged to a  Buddhist movement. Although I don\'t belong to any religious group nowadays I do see the Noble Eightfold Path like a good direction to follow.
My conclusion is that, in theory, a Mediator must be neutral but in practice it is impossible.

Dear Gemma,

thank you for these thoughts.

How do we get to know our Silent Educator best? I guess by mindful reflections 🙂

BR, Daniel