Section :B) - Syllabus 1

Shubhankar Mathur posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
Thinking about a mediator, the main role about a mediator apart from confidentiality and neutrality is to break the deadlock between the two parties. I feel that when a mediator uses critical thinking to pose questions to either of the parties, the questions can be separated into two categories. The first category is where the the mediator poses question in a nature which make a party realise what their goal is or to get an answer which would provide them a hint of the solution. The second and this I believe to be a much more important type is to rephrase words of one party to the other into questions which bridge the communication gap which otherwise would have the capacity to create miscommunications in a mediation session. However, both these categories require critical thinking and wise speaking.

As leant from the first half of this module, a mediator might have his own reservations regarding certain topics based on the experiences he/she has had or experiences from the past which have had an impact on the mediator. But a mindful mediator will have the knowledge to ensure that such reservations or views do not play its role in a mediation session because such convictions might make the mediation session less efficient.

Dear Shubhankar,

thank you very much for these thoughts. Personally, I truly like the expression ‘to break the deadlock between the two parties.’

BR, Daniel