Section - A) - Syllabus 1

Shubhankar Mathur posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
Every person leads a different path in life and for that reason their outcomes are different. Each experience that a person faces determines what their mindset would be. The same experience with a different number of factors would be a different outcome and it is very unlikely that 2 people undergo the exact experiences under the same circumstances. As every human being is different, it is natural that every person\'s perception is different. Due to the experience of different perceptions, leading to the formulation of different personalities, human beings being their own person are bound to enter into conflict as it is their experiences which make them the way they are. This very reflection can be answered a thousand different ways by different people due to their exposure to different experiences. It is not necessary that there is only one right perspective and one wrong perspective.

Dear Shubhankar,

thank you very much for your insights and thoughts.

To me, this content was truly an eye-opener and remains the source and starting-point of a wonderful discovery of life that begins over and over again each day.

Diversity to me includes a wide range of answers to now-a-days problems that our society faces. I hope you will find answers on the same level. I am happy to discuss your findings further.

BR, Daniel