Section A) - Syllabus 1

Anna Gazdag posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
Section A) contained a quote which made me think about a few previous life experiences. These experiences inspired me and in some way prepared me for this mediation course.

This quote captures the same idea that several lecturers of different subjects have discussed with me. It’s about the importance of equality but also individuality of people. It also reminded me that the very first memory I have in connection with mediation was when I found myself to be a mediator of instinct between two twins in my family. It was a micro conflict compared to global conflicts but I did it as a child, without any prior knowledge, just to keep the peace between family members. Still it draw attention to my interest in helping to settle conflicts.
I experienced how twins can be similar and still so different. Their stand points, opinions and interests were usually the exact opposite even though they had similar DNA and the same upbringing. In the family they were free to express their differences, I knew them very well and they listened to me, that is what allowed me to help them.
Unfortunately throughout my studies I have met countless occurrences in history where mediation was not as natural as it is in my family on an interpersonal level.

Dear Anna,

thank you very much for these personal insights. And yes!!! You totally got the point, the real source of this course. It is not about teaching you anything but to make you reconnect to your personal skills that are veiled within your personality. And as I said in the introduction, Mediation is a core skill of human behavior that we often you in a unconscious way. That is the real mediator that we want to reconnect with – The Mediator by Instinct.

Further, I believe there is no real difference between international and interpersonal conflict, as a conflict to the individual often means the world.

Anna, you may know that I teach mediation at a university as well. And let me tell you that I created an academic roadmap but this deals with theories, models, etc. Content that I am not interested in at all. As you said, mediation is to be found in daily life, it can also be a concept of how to see the world and move in it. It can give peace to the mediator’s mind, as (s)he is somehow a person dedicated to mankind and its harmonious development.

Finally getting back to the twins: Yes, I think it is a basic process of the individual to create a personality that is unique. Even though, twins may cherish the points that they share and in the same way look for differences between them. But I think this goes deep into the field of Personal Psychology and of course, like anything in life, may differ from case to case.

Best regards, Daniel