Section A - Syllabus #1

Charline Gregoire posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
According to Astrology, we are all unique human beings and nobody comes on earth with the same abilities or lessons to be learned. Before coming on earth, one would have chosen where to be born, in what environment, with which family, with a defined personality and with specific lessons to be learned. Thinking this way could explain why two children that grew up within the same family, environment and receiving the same education will not end up being the same person. Each children will interpret the education received in their own way and will be sensitive to different aspect of it. The education/environment one grow up in will not be the major influence of its personality but will shape how they will express it to the world. 
As for the manifestation of the personality, for sure the environment one’s grew up with will play a role but not exclusively. If we use the example of children that grew up in the same family again. We can usually see a pattern in the children’s way of doing but, once again each children will be different in their own way and manifest their personality in a very personal way because it would have been chosen before they were even born.

According to the studies of structure and social change, one personality will depend on its environment, its family and the privilege that comes with it (among others). The reason why the personality of two children from the same family would be different would only be because they would have been exposed to different people, teachers and situations. In this way, the more free the environment, the more the personality would be manifested. If a person would have a strong  personality even tough they were raised  in a strict environment, it would be due to certain person  that would have crossed their path by chance. 

Dear Charline,

thank you very much for your perspective. If I understand correctly, you differ between the development of one’s personality by: a) a strict environment, and b) a free environment. As far as I caught your idea, this perspecive states that a strict environment with lots of strong impact, creates more likely a tough personality, while the free environment, where the personality can select the impact that it is looking for, creates a well manifested and balanced personality. If I understood it correctly, that is a very good point 🙂

Thank you for your time, Daniel Erdmann