Section A Syllabus 1

Gemma Rentero posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
I think humanity is more similar than different. The differences come from de context and culture. If we look at the basic needs, they are the same for everyone. Basically, the interpersonal connection among people. At the same time, the easiest to break is interpersonal connection. It depends on your culture and immediate family. I agree with the idea that freedom is the most important thing to express our personality, values, and beliefs. At the same time flexibility and an open mind is the most important thing to let others express themselves.

Dear Gemma,

many thanks for your insights. I truly like the fact that you pointed out that what people unfortunately do too quick, is to break up with interpersonal connections and that they do not invest to fix such. I observed that the cellphone is a critical trigger point in this context. It seems that whenever a problem occurs, people simply turn around, grab their mobile device and get lost in their cyber drugs. I referred to the importance of personal connection in one of my articles, being published in the journal: The necessity to meet in person.

BR, Daniel