Section A Syllabus 4

Matias Linder posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
Indeed, Creation is an amazing piece of art, the source of all learning. In the bigger scale of things, life itself is the greatest learning experience there is, and in this sense, I chose to believe that life is part of Creation. Looking at life in the smaller scale, I believe there is a lot of learning to be done by observing nature, but this is not such simple exercise. We have been trained since children, and through our social system, that learning comes from others, books, teachers, documentaries, scientists, etc. But we are not taught to observe nature and learn from it. Modern society has a broken relationship with nature and has delegated its study to scientists and a few other professions. Furthermore, I believe that we can learn from observing nature or creation, and also get inspiration for questioning or formulating hypotheses, which can then be proofed, or not.

Dear Matias,

thank you for these thoughts. I could not put it in better words. Yes, society faces or created a broken link regarding the acceptance and integration of nature to one’s life. It is my main wish to make people become critical thinkers. This includes to see nature as a rich source of lessons to be learned. Somehow, we need to swim against the stream, otherwise we will proceed losing control of our lives.

BR, Daniel

Indeed. Luckily there are more and more people swimming against the stream as time goes by. Hopefully, after Covid-19 there will be even more.