Section: B) – Syllabus 1 - Discovering Mindfulness

Zoe Dunbar posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
1) What does mindfulness mean to you?
Being present in the world. To not move through life on automatic. To question what I am told by society and decide for myself my own truth. See the rain, the bird in the tree, the child starving on the street, the thousands displaced by war - to be moved by it all and motivated to create a better world where nobody gets left behind.
To not be shut away and switched off by the mayhem the world has become but instead join hands with others to work on solutions that enhance and celebrate communities that care for and nourish each other. And to never give up on these things no matter how much my heart aches and how hopeless it can sometimes feel.

2) Which role does it play in your daily life?
I include mindfulness into my day as much as I can. With walking meditation, exercise and self taught tai chi I am aware of my body and keep surpassing previous limitations with gentle coaxing and awareness.
Whenever I encounter conflict I aim to remove myself from it until I am able to understand why I am feeling whatever it is I am feeling, think about the other side and then work at expressing myself and listening to other parties to resolve any ongoing issue.
I used to always back down after being bullied for many years so it is a big step for me to be able to determine boundaries for myself through reflection.

Zoe, I am so very deeply moved. Yes, life and mindfulness is the spot between what ‘was’ and what ‘will be.’ To me it means being grateful for every step I do and every breath I take. Living mindful makes us see, hear, and experience so much more at one single moment. This makes me being in love with life, even though – not everything that happens is beautiful but still an aspect of life.

I totally understand the huge step you did and do regarding the management of bullying etc. I also had to overcome very strong emotional aspects of my character. But in the end, it is something that you, me or us achieved. Congratulations, Zoe.