Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
Humans often do not see that they are to result in their mindset, not only their experiences and socialization. People carry around anger, hatred, frustration, pride, greed, and lack to understand why. One may often see oneself helpless and caught within what one is, who one-acts, and how one thinks. Reflecting on motivations, however, is the first step of overcoming obstacles and change perspectives, away from a self-centered attitude to a community-oriented viewpoint. 
Prejudice results from judging a person for his or her behavior. In mediation, prejudice needs to be prevented by self-reflection and an open mindset. One might have experienced injustice in the past. However, this never justifies harming another party. Mindfulness can, from my viewpoint, help to see patterns from a different angle, the basis to find common ground.