Speaking from your heart or inner self

Johanna Heidgen posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
Regarding my own experiences and my own development, I start to understand that the egoic mind causes lots of negativity e.g. conflicts and social drama. Talking from a deeper place, let\'s call it inner self or authentic self for now, leads to more compassion, understanding and wholeness. I start to see, that we are all the same, the big pool of consciousness, even though we are still very unique in our history, cultures or belief systems. Our authentic selves don\'t care about these outer things. Starting to understand this from within feels like pure beauty, pure bliss. Getting rid of this imprints we collected over the years from being a child - more or less after the age of 2 where our egoic mind starts to develop - seems to be a freeing process to find our authentic selves. To unlearn. Talking more from that place, from this authentic self, allows non-violent communication and a peaceful togetherness, I believe.

For what I\'m still not finding an answer to, is how to interact with people who are on a different page. Who are \"sleeping\", as some spiritual people would call them. I find it difficult to be with people for example in job environment when they don\'t follow this path of finding their true nature. 
Being not part of a conflict and guiding people from outside is more easy as well all no. Compare to when it affects ourselves. I feel grounded and connected to myself while giving advice to people who approach me with their problems. But being inside a conflict, which doesn\'t allow a fair way of being solved because of hierarchies and someone who is not really acting in a fair way, is very challenging. 

So, I\'m asking myself, how to deal with people outside of private life where you find shallow intentions, gossip and a dominant and violent way of treating each other. Where space is not held to express one\'s feelings or opinions. Where you are not treated on eye-level? Where you will cause more damage with opening a conversation about the conflict. Where you choose to shut up for the sake of peace instead of talking openly. Isn\'t it that most people say, they would look openly for a talk whenever a conflict with a colleague arrises? In reality, not many people really put action into these words. They don\'t have the strengths to do it. Honestly, I feel very alone with it. I don\'t care, but I still need to deal with that in my daily life at work which takes 40h a week. I feel frustrated because I can\'t speak out! And right now, I really don\'t know how to behave in order to get back my inner peace. 
I\'m confident that I will find my way anytime, that the answer will come....

Dear Johanna,

thank you for your reflection. I think you present some wonderful findings in the first paragraph. I think you are blessed to be able to take this step back in order to obtain a new perspective. Actually, a perspective that connects you with your environment in a pure and non-biased way.

Sure, we can differ between blind or sleeping persons and individuals who find themselves at another level of awareness. Maybe we should not call such persons enlightened beings, as this might feed the Ego again, haha. But yes, it is a challenge to deal with the ignorant persons, but we can try to adopt our findings into our daily life and to realize a silent process of peace-building. Being at a non-biased and pure awareness level, we take the situation or the person as it is. We do not judge but handle the situation depending on what is presented to us. For example, a loud and aggressive person can be taken serious, as something or someone caused the behavior. We can grant space for the ‘explosion’, we do not have to take it personal (as we left the level of taking things personally), and we can enter a verbal exchange while we inquire the roots of the person’s conflict. Obviously, the person faces a conflict, cause otherwise the individual would not have started a conflict with us, being some sort of option of a canalization of energy.

Life itself brings people to the point where they question themselves. Otherwise, you can say that it is your call to instruct them.

Regarding the third paragraph: Yes, I understand what you are facing. I experienced it on my own. Obviously, you feel sick. The working environment seems to have a desctructive influence on you. That is NOT good. You are a young person and you do not have to experience this. You need your energy to build your life. Currently, I think you find yourself trapped in what is told by elder generations to be our life model: hierarchy, 40 hrs a week, work and sleep. Well, I think you need more time to reflect in order to find a way to identify what your call in life is. Once, having found this answer, you can create a plan how to free yourself in order to not feel chained by what you do on a daily basis. I am happy to help you at this point. I did not understand yet where you live and what your basic educational background is.

To heal your mind a bit in the meanhwile, I suggest you do mindful breathing meditation, or samathi meditation – what means to not focus on anything.

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,

thanks for your answer to my reflection. I feel very supported and it helps me a lot going through this dark times. I’m getting back my usual strength everyday a bit more. I always believed that my company is different towards many others. I deeply believed that. Some latest incidents and decisions opened my eyes more and more, which was a bit sobering (do you really use that in English? Haha). I’m aware that I am not able to see the whole picture of some decision as it is not my business of management and I don’t judge the decision itself, more the way it is handled. Disrespectful while losing the eye-level and scaring people. I believe that that’s not the right way in order to manage people, in whatever environment. In the year 2020 that should be taken for granted.
But on the other side, I realize that I’m working in an average service company of the 21st century within the capitalistic system, where processes are being done as they are supposed to. Economical growth is the priority, being truly human costs more money in the first place, holding the balance might not be easy. I’m not an economist, but that’s what I often observe, even in a hospital which is at the end another economical company. Even though I believe that in longterm it is more benficial to have happy and therefore healthy employees, besides the ethical point of view which is obvious.

However, I do believe, that one can give a reason to whatever happens in life. If I wouldn’t start to face these situations which don’t go along with my own idea on how to treat each other, it would be very comfortable and I might stay and stay and stay. Until I’m looking back in some years and asking myself later, what my purpose might be and where all the time as gone.

I’m grateful for myself not being able to keep quite if I notice injustice, even though it’s making my life sometimes harder. Not the first time as you might imagine. The first moment I remember speaking out loud for someone else was in 2nd grade of primary school. Talking out loud is not always pleasant, cause there will always be people not wanting to hear that. But it seems to be my nature. And it’s the only way I can go.

Still for now, I’m trying to be more silent. Focusing on my personal development here in Chiang Mai and being grateful towards the company to enable me a legal life with a good salary and health insurance in Thailand, so that I can focus on paying university debts, working on myself and having all the advantages Thailand means to me. I’m very lucky being here and I’m excited for the future.

Thank you, deeply!

“Nie haben die Massen nach Wahrheit gedürstet. Von den Tatsachen, die ihnen missfallen, wenden sie sich ab und ziehen es vor, den Irrtum zu vergöttern, wenn er sie zu verführen vermag. Wer sie zu täuschen versteht, wird leicht ihr Herr, wer sie aufzuklären sucht, stets ihr Opfer.”

Gustav Le Bon
(Psychologie der Massen)