Spiral of Life

Johanna Heidgen posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
Even though we humans are basically similar in our inner organism (physiologically and anatomically), our outside attitude and behavior can be so diverse as nothing else. Regarding our own history, our social and cultural background, we all have a different story and different teachings in life. Every little interaction, ever little experience forms the person we are today, imprints the ego and determines likes and dislikes.  In regards to that, every human should at least be understood and, more importantly, whatever someone feels can never be wrong. There might be a different opinion about a certain incident, but the way one person felt in that situation can never be wrong, cause this person really felt that and should be taken seriously. Every person should be taken for real, handled with respect, regardless of the story itself or of the own interpretation and opinion. We should always be conscious and reflective about our own prejudices and prejudges. I experienced from my own work with people in the last years, that a certain incident often has way more layers behind, than the actual story we see in the first moment. It\'s often about how the person felt within a situation than the situation itself. Whatever is triggered by any incident, it can be very various regarding each one\'s story. And in the end, surprisingly, the stories itself are repeated for all humans, only in different settings and executions. The dynamic itself is often repeated over and over again. A spiral of life. 

Dear Johanna,

thank you for your time and insights. I feel blessed to be able to exchange with you on this very private level.

You are right and life itself confirms it, mankind and everything that exists finds itself being unique, even though we created terms to specify specific things, like leaves, trees, cats, mountains, etc. To me, it is a fascinating journey to discover diversity in our lives and in nature. When we were born, it might be that we were able to see clearly, but when we grow up, it feels that a veil started to cover our eyes, and doctrines were injected to our mindset by our environment. We became somehow blindfolded.

Not everybody comes to this specific point in life, where the desire of unveiling one’s understanding becomes so dominant that action takes place to become a free individual, ready to get to know the proper personality, being placed somewhere heavily protected in one’s heart and / or mind.

When I was living abroad, I started to discover myself … at least in tiny steps. I started questioning pretty much everything, not only my perspectives but also the environment that I grew up and found myself in, at a long distance from home. But the diversity that I discovered gave birth to a very deeply rooted respect towards the uniqueness of an individual’s life. When somebody would ask me today about my religious belief, I might say that my religion is called ‘Respect’. Respect towards life’s veiled and unveild truth.

The Spiral of Life (as you call it), made me follow one very specific wish, namely to ‘look behind the curtain’.

Best regards, Daniel Erdmann

Hallo Daniel,

thanks for your personal reply to my thoughts.
I’m looking forward to receiving and creating new ideas.
Especially leaving “old belief systems” behind and questioning the veil you are talking about is my main subject these days in regards to my own personal evolving. Observing the ego and starting to wake up and understand more and more about life.

Living in Thailand since two years and digging deeper into meditation was definitely a big part of that process.

Danke Dir für die persönliche Stellungnahme. Ich freue mich auf den weiteren Kurs und alles, was meinen persönlichen und beruflichen Weg bereichern wird und mir somit unterstützend in der Personalabteilung und im ganzen Leben beseite steht.

Viele Grüße aus Chiang Mai.