Syllabus 2 – Section A

Charline Gregoire posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
I have always been in awe of nature. I do believe it is the most perfect expression of this world. That it is extremely intelligent and that we should all learn from its magic. 
The word nature, a single world, is used to describe an enormous number of elements. Why so? To me, they surely all take a different form, but they have the same purpose in their core. The wind, the waves, the rivers, the rain, the trees, the flowers, the fires, the colours, sunsets… They all obey to a powerful force to “naturally” adapt, be in symbioses with their surroundings and find ways to achieve what they are meant to be doing. And they will do it over and over again. No matter what we do, they will always find a way as they are meant to grow and make this earth live. 
So yes, I do believe that we have to learn and take example from nature. Actually, we already do. The biggest technologies we are surrounded by nowadays were directly inspired by nature itself. Personally, nature gave me a lot of power and desire to respect it, stand for it, its people and myself. It helps me connect to the deeper me, to my intuition and it inspires me everyday to take on decisions. I do think that, the more elevated a person, the closer to nature he will be. However, we are different in our core and in our purpose. We, human, have an ego and are not meant to be perfect. We mostly learn form our past mistakes and traumas. Most of us lose time caring about what people think of us and we weirdly usually make our life harder than it could be.  
To conclude, I would say that even though the example of nature is available to all of us, not everyone feels attracted to it. Not everyone feels the need to elevate their own free and independent personality. They might later or they could also do it through other means. 

Dear Charline,

thank you for these wonderful reflections. Yes, I also feel that you are very close to this magnificant force, and that you exchange a lot of energy. By taking inspiration from nature, you also pay it back with love and respect.

On another point: Before you proceed, you should create an end-of-syllabus 1 conflict report. Please let us exchange on this by our general email accounts.

BR, Daniel