Syllabus 4

Marvin Garbeh Davis posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
It is true that all of us have a natural educator - the world that encompasses us as develop. Your school, your village, your church, your soccer team, your parents and their beliefs and values - all  of these shape our lives. In order recreate us. It is important for us to pay attention to the influence our creation makes to our lives. For instance, will our education make us arrogant, corrupt us or will we step back a little and remake ourselves to the point where our education is a light, hope and inspiration for others? That effort in remaking ourselves and paying attention to all the influences in our life and reshaping our selves to be more human to me is the real challenge of humanity.

Dear Marvin,

to me, the term of Natural Educator is one of the very key points of my current life. It provides the environment with a specific power and determination that everybody shall be aware of. Specifically, because it is hard to escape from these initial teachings as long as a person did not realize the source and nature of it.

Funny enough, that we all can look for new and additional Natural Educators by changing the teaching environment that we are living and moving in.

BR, Daniel