syllabus b section 4

Sneha Mohanty posted 10 months ago, 0 Responses
➤ TASK: Please reflect personally and identify up to ten ways of reacting in an unconscious way. Reflect on the origin of this behavior, double check with friends on how they react in similar situations and try to create a strategy of change, in case you are looking for such.There are myriad manners in which one might act in an unconscious manner. One may start understanding this issue by starting with the idea of reflex. Reflex refers to a process where one may react in an unconscious manner as a result of subjection to pain or pressure. Thus when one is subjected to pain ofr that matter, they might react to dodge or avoid the source of pain in the best way they can.➤ TASK: Identify several communication patterns that can be mirrored. Reflect on possible ways such a leading process may take place and what impact on the conversation it might have. Change the pattern, maintain the dialogue, and observe your feelings and see what happens.
There are a million expressions that can be mirrored. It will have a beautiful and an unexpected reaction on the conversation and instill trust of the parties into the mediator. ➤ TASK: Add this skill to your next conversation. Concentrate on the proper proceeding. Experience the impact that it has on your dialog.
This will allow the mediator to understand a party in much more clarity and allow the party to be able to trust the mediator.