syllabus b section 5

Sneha Mohanty posted 10 months ago, 0 Responses
Task: Please create a one-page end-of-course quintessence of what you learned during this course, how it might change your life, and which impact it shall have in the future.I will be in my most honest form while writing this, as a part and student of this course, I re learnt how to live life and apply these skills into situations. There are so many inborn and distinct skills one is born with, it only takes a course like this or a self realisation process in order to hone and nurture these skills and develop them mindfully. Starting from mindfulness to creating reports and watching news channels and reports, this allowed me to understand the purpose behind everything and anything. Thus I only learnt how to be a more useful member f the society and put my skills in better use and grab and learn everything very quickly as time waits for none. There are a million aspects one might take back from this course and it has been my best friend during this covid crisis. It allowed me to meditate upon things and self reflect upon a lot of things and gave me the push I needed. As a law student, all of these skills will come handy. I have done many courses on mediation, but this one, involving personal exchange and allowing me to communicate my heart\'s contents, allowed me to learn far more than just bargaining tactics and logistics. I will be forever grateful for being a part of the WMO community. it has given me more than I had ever expected.