The best can be far advanced so that their skill is even hard to comprehend for a very good practitioner

Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson posted 4 years ago, 1 Responses
My experience of life has taught me so far that the whole gestalt of reality can shift when awareness opens up to new avenues of processing information or other channels in communication than previously concentrated upon. Perhaps it can even be said that the nervous system of the body in relation to the whole being and physical functions can transform through life leading to added insight. When presented with a written discussion as the one above I myself reflect on how the things that sound simple need staying with...\"how the treasures\" can be in the basics. How easy it is to dismiss the things that can tell oneself the most perhaps. I often feel that I have a longing to revisit and to stay with lets say a song. I listen to the song a few times, I reflect on the feelings the song evokes, I consider possible memory associations, I repeat so that I wear headphones not to bother others. I might listen to the same one or two songs five times in a row, and then again; concentrating at how one instrument at a time sounds to me, or the space in between the drums being hit, where I can feel float in the rhythm. How I consider the singing to be effecting me. I think if the song similarly moves others or if it does so in other ways especially if the song is a popular one. I at times consider the connections of intention, creativity, the manifest and the unmanifest and creation. I reflect on my role in the universe. Then I may let it all go just to sense what is at hand. Or purposefully let my reflections go and pursue physical activity. This reminds me of the teachings of Non-violent communication of first or after an encounter allowing oneself to analyse while rather than doing that being present and trusting process when communicating. That also reminds me of Martin Buber and his thesis of I and thou. 

There is a lot that I can practice.  

Dear Finnur,

I totally agree, that the change of the level of awareness can change everything, but mainly it may show you or us in general how rich of information we are. A song can simply be a song, but you can dive into the instruments, their dialog, the points that the director might wanted to focus on, how this song may reach other person’s ears, etc.

This can also be done by getting to know a person, as their are thousands of questions to be asked. And of course in the field of conflict, mediation, and ‘global sense-making’ – haha.

Life is beautiful, as it is so deep and offers us endless mysteries to discover and unveil.

BR, Daniel