The competencies of a mediator

Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
In my belief, the list of competencies of mediators is almost endless. 
To give some examples: 
- Self-confidence
- Communication skills
- Open-minded
- Naturally curious
- Self-reflected
- Patience
- Impartiality
- Friendliness
- Cultural sensitivity

I think that being neutral throughout the process can be a challenge for me. Viewpoints of perspectives can always trigger emotions, experiences, and behavioral patterns. Therefore, being reflected, listen to thoughts, and emotions constantly is crucial to understand and manage reactions. 

Dear Tobias,

yes, the list can be endless, but I try to focus on the source, where actually all these competencies come from. In my book, I showed a survey and explained how overwhelmed students are by models, techniques, doubts, and and and. Putting all this into practice is difficult. So, the try to make you find and identify the source that gives birth to all these competencies. The result would be that you do not have to focus on anything but enter the process with the correct mindset. What could this source be?

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,
I can only agree on how overwhelming complex theories in a practical situation can be. I believe that mindfulness could be the correct mindset, reached through reflection and studies of mindfulness.
Best regards, Tobias