The environment of a conflict

Matias Linder posted 4 years ago, 1 Responses
Empathic soft skills:

-	Avoid making judgements
-	Listen deeply, trying to understand the needs and interests of each party
-	Phrase questions sensitively, to ensure the party does not feel questioned
-	Avoid making assumptions
-	Use questions to obtain a picture that is as complete as possible
-	Be aware of your own emotions and biases, and put them aside
-	Guide the conversation in such way that it stays at the rational level, avoiding going down the emotional level
-	Ask questions aimed at uncovering the motivations, needs and interests of the other party, trying to shift the initial position of the first party in relation to the other

Dear Matias,

well done. I believe that a question has often more value than a proper statement, or a question can also be a perfect statement, namely of the individual’s competence on how to have a conversation. I think it is very important that a question does not include a hidden assumption. This is why I really like that you said: ‘phrase questions sensitively’.

BR, Daniel