The natural teacher

Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
The natural teacher is, from my perspective, the summary of all experiences. Nevertheless, I would like to highlight that humans have the choice to influence and challenge their thoughts, perspectives, and behavioral patterns. By reflection, listening to one’s inner voice and possibly hurt inner child, humans have the power to understand where their thoughts might be coming from, why they thing the way the think. Therefore, the natural teacher needs attention. 
Nevertheless, many people are not aware of this fact, their ‘educator’ is mute. By listening carefully, understanding needs, desires, defense mechanism, people can learn to overcome them, resolve disputes that resulted from these thought strains. Mediators need to understand the source of conflict. By making parties aware of the concept of mindfulness, mediation has the potential to re-design behavior and patterns. 

Dear Tobias,

isn’t this fascinating? Some people might be overwhelmed with the task of making use of their ‘Free Will’. While others never identify the impact of their environment of their personality.

This is very moving to me.

BR, Daniel