The sound of silence

Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson posted 4 years ago, 1 Responses
“Every human being has as a natural educator the Creation which surrounds him. It is sufficient to pay a certain amount of attention to that mute educator in order to make it the most eloquent teacher as any man has ever had.”

What immediately comes to mind is the biography of Nakamura Tempu - \"Heaven\'s Wind\". There a sick Nakamure judged by at the time the best \"modern\" medicine to by dying is beautifully derailed from the track of death by a mysterious yogi. The yogi gets Nakamura to travel with him to a mountain area where Nakamura learns to mediate in such a way as to hear the sound or silence or \"the voice of heaven\". The thesis being that somehow the silence carries with itself the spectrum of potential sound. A similar idea to the \"pregnant potentiality\" of the \"nothing\" in Buddhism. Nakamura survives and manages to travel back to Japan where he finally becomes a motivator of very many people. The above saying can also remind one of St. Paul where he describes in the Letter to The Romans that all men are without excuse if they maintain not to know God as God\'s work and presence is observable by that which is (Rom. 1:19-20).
IS this so that we really can be filled by Wisdom in the highest sense just by being and being attentive? Why are we not all the time more successful? There are many questions that can come up. I stop my reflections here referring to the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching attributed to Lao Tzu, confessing that I am learning. 

Dear Finnur,

this is a great point, namely that silence is full of potential. But is sound what we are looking for? Maybe this depends on the individual goal(s).

But yes, I believe that having an empty mind bears lots of power and enables us to realize unpredictable key actions. This is truly something that a person needs to experience. The reason why full awarenes, mindfulness, and experiencing silence is not promoted, is that our society wants us to be followers, not individualists and possibly leaders. Being a following person without being aware of its potential is easy to control and to turn into a consumer. So, very few people focus on ‘freeing’ individuals and make them discover their worth and potential. I hope you feel this happening on our platform.

BR, Daniel