True Mediation

John Oomkens posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
True Mediation, with a capital \'M\', starts and ends with the mediator. True Mediation is more than following a set of protocols, schemas and templates and than hope for the best. In my belief, the mediator is the key to the solution in the sense that he or she broadcasts that Inner Peace, Compassion and Love that enables both parties in the conflict to have their \'inner weaponry\' melted away, returning to a place of dignity wherein inner change and therefore a change in attitude and approach towards a solution can take place. This way of representation of one\'s Inner Core, that \'Beingless State\' by the mediator connects him or her with that Unified Field where many mindful operating people are drawing from. You want to bring peace and all other reconciliation elements to the table? Be that peace and those elements. Be that talk, feeling or thought in order to BE that change you wish to see in the world. From the principle of Oneness, if you are Peace, the world has to come into and will be in sync through that principle of Resonance. The Beatles made a hit of it: \'\'Love is all you need\'\'. May there be Peace in the hearts of all Beings for the betterment of humanity.   

Dear John,

yes, I believe that the Love and Affection of the Mediator can act as an exemplary tool that builds bridges in communication and understanding. The parties may feel and accept this ‘flow’ to find an understanding of the other party. And yes, the inner core needs to be identified and then turned to the outer world.

BR, Daniel