We all were born empty

Johanna Heidgen posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
I believe that humans are born quiet pure, let’s say empty. 
Until the age of two, in which they recognize themselves, babies are completely free of the egoic mind. Their perception is all around basic needs like food and attention by their parents. As soon as they recognize themselves as “I”, they start to differentiate between me and you, mine and yours. The socialization begins and doctrines and opinions settle in year by year by their social peer groups, schools, politics and the media. While being pure nature before, they now start to adapt certain ideas on what is right and what is wrong, shaped by the way they grow up.

At a certain point, some people wake up through a traumatic incident or a huge turnpoint in their life. They realize that there must be more than what we believe is reality. And they start their journey to their true selves. “Backwards” on their own path of unlearning all these things they got taught during their lifetime.

Suddenly they reflect on their lives and on themselves. They realize that they follow convictions which were mostly adapted from the outside. Unconsciously, by believing opinions all around them. So, what is the truth then? Is there one reality? Or don’t we all live in our self-created reality about the world?

I believe yes, but some more and some less. Some people are practicing meditation and self-awareness dedicatedly, so that opinions and convictions don’t matter to them. They can feel the true nature within themselves and let intuition guide them through life. They don’t need to argue about right or wrong, cause life just purely IS. They become empty again and remove all the stuff which was implemented like a blueprint from the outside. They return to their true inner selves. The same way they were born.

Dear Johanna,

I believe that the terms emptiness and nothingness do also deal with what you talked about. To me, it is the inner finding of nothingness that gives birth to ALL my actions.

BR, Daniel