We are all humans

Tobias Volz posted 3 years ago, 2 Responses
We are all born as human beings. Humans evolved within thousands of years to what they are now. Nevertheless, humans rely on nature, and a human itself can be seen as something ‘natural,’ a part of nature. Humans are all born equally. Our blood is red; we consist of flesh, bones, and are gifted with a mind, consciousness, and soul.
Nevertheless, everyone has his, her, or their personality. The development of one’s personality depends on several factors, such as parents, society, expectations, and culture one is exposed to or a part of. Everyone has an individual story and a unique mindset. Capturing and understanding another person’s mind requires seeing the world through the other person’s lens. Moreover, personality as a result of all moments and encounters shapes what is considered the ‘Free Will.’

Dear Tobias,

thank you for your thoughts.

I think an interesting part to reflect on is how the inner person’s being deals with the influences of the environment. Will it follow these impulses and adopt them? Or will it challenge these influences and grow by questioning them? What determines the way the person’s identity choose … ?

BR, Daniel

Dear Daniel,
Interesting thoughts. I believe a person has the chance to influence patterns of the inner being, mediation might help here but should not be the only tool used. I think in many cases, self-reflection through meditation, coaching, counseling, or therapy might be beneficial in certain cases as well.
Best regards, Tobias