Which role does it play in your daily life?

Sneha Mohanty posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
To begin with, the credit I would like to give the entire idea of “mindfulness” is massive. As explained earlier, mindfulness takes control of one’s life and surroundings the minute they open their eyes into the human civilisation. When I was 8, my mother used to mould me in ways where I was advised to keep the eyes in my 
mind open 24/7. Not only would that make me a smarter individual when I grow up, but also keep me away from harm’s way as a growing up girl. Mindfulness has spreadits horizon in every aspect of my life. I am a fast learner and learn more from practicality and experiences rather than textbooks and class. I learn more from internships than actual lectures. In order to grasp in the present, one has to be mindful in applying textbook formulas into real life, and in law, textbook doctrines and concepts into real cases. I, as an individual, like knowing things and love learning everything I can. I am an avid reader and prefer more quantity of learning in any which way I can. Mindfulness plays a huge task in the sense where it allows me to grasp the important things aroundme. It allows me to learn faster and express in a clear, lucid manner. It allows me to see things around me and learn from my surrounding. Some claim that mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique where people are led to open their inner auras towards their subconscious minds and gain access to the things our minds have the chance to capture, but we don’t know yet. It is almost magical when we stat to realise things that have been long registered in our minds, butwe haven’t spoken aloud about them yet. That changes the entire idea of  learning new things and storing memory. 

Dear Sneha,

this is so true: ‘It is almost magical when we stat to realise things that have been long registered in our minds, but we haven’t spoken aloud about them yet.’ I think the reason therefore is that we do not easily find individuals with whom we can share these insights.

I hope that this very practical educational path fits your potentials, as you said that you learn best by practicing …

BR, Daniel