WMO Course - Hafnarfjörður, Iceland the 18th of April 2020

Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson posted 3 years ago, 1 Responses
The World Mediation Organization Course

Undoubtedly the course has increased my confidence in having a voice that matters. Through it I have also gained increased hope of having influence in positive ways. The WMO has offered me a place of respectability and an outside confirmation of my professional abilities. From the study material I also felt that how I am as a person in my everyday life can be an asset. That working from a place of sincerity rather than that I have to conform to character alterations as to fit a “professional role” is a possibility. The “professional role” I would naturally be ambivalent about and more insecure than not. Also throughout the studies I have in a personal way been made to feel welcome and appreciated due to the attention and real constructive and appropriately critical guidance of the programs director Professor Daniel Erdmann Ph.D. 

The course has helped me to reorganize previously encountered knowledge as I have seen its relevance in a new context. I have for the first time in many years written academic articles which I believe have also been well received. I have noted that a transcendent awareness or a respect for deeper qualities can be trusted to bring solutions that seem beyond my immediate grasp as an individual. In the process I have found added allowance for personal contemplation rather than rushed work frenzy we humans are too often used to because of strictly imposed deadlines or the culture of our workplaces. 

I have learned to constantly remind myself that deep listening includes listening for feelings and motives even in the history of groups and to refrain from too easy solutions that may seem to be practical but do not provide real mediation. Thus I have also encountered information and thought in this program that is new to me and important. 
I have further learned that although especially the professionals I know who have worked for governments in armed conflicts often tell me that I am wasting my time learning mediation -“because humans are continually violent and that there is evil in the world” - that there are many unnecessary deaths that have been averted by mediation and wise talk. Still more that in fact mediation between various groups and individuals is a natural and straightforward pillar skill for any family or development of a nation or human development in general. Thus mediation is not as mysterious as people might think and worth its effort.

Another asset of the studies is that with the possible following diploma I can join professional organizations in Iceland, the land where I live and thus expand my personal and professional networks and friendships.
I am not sure yet on the future impact apart from what has already been mentioned. I do still feel that the impact will be added possibilities in my life and more trust from the people who may seek my participation in their interactions.
I am truly thankful for this course – which has been important for me. Especially in times of personal change. I turn forty years old this year and have when being self-critical not been satisfied enough with my former achievements and also worried that I had not found my place in the world yet or realized how best to apply my skills. I do now trust more and more that my skills pertain to the relationships of myself and others and my failures can be the foundation of my future success.

I hereby thank the WMO’s director for his personal initiatives in life that have made this journey possible for me.
Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson

Dear Finnur,

thank you for all these wonderful words. It is breath-taking for me to see that I could help you on your life journey. Now, you have the pleasure to let the content further develop and manifest itself inside your mindset. Each day, you will become wiser and more skilled, even though you do not think of it actively.

Regarding the colleagues that work for the government: Yes, there is a lot of evil to be found throughout mankind, but diplomatic intrigues and checking who is stronger caused a lot of loss, damage, and pain throughout the history of mankind. And yes, sometimes even Mediation can be a trigger for further conflict, but Mediation also represents the strength to sit together, to talk, and to reflect. This is a culture that generally causes less escalated conflict.

My concept of Mediation is a mindset that allows the adept or disciple to look to one’s feet, to see oneself well grounded and realized, and to mindfully adopt the situations of life that may be presented – in a private and professional way. Your universe has a core, and this core is you. Your awareness is the starting point of your actions.

Finnur, it was a pleasure to accompany you on your path. Thank you for sharing all your insights and for teaching me very meaningful lesson.

Keep safe, keep happy – always!!!

Best regards,