Aleksander Jakobčič

Name:  Aleksander Jakobčič

Status: WMO Mediator, WMO Fellow

Entry Date: 10/12/2018

City / Country: Ljubljana / Slovenia

My expertise and field of action: Aleksander Jakobčič’s academic background is rooted in the fields of International Relations and Law (UK). The main thrust of his interest areas is directed in the area of conflict resolution and management – diplomacy, development of a conflict, negotiation, mediation, restorative justice, post-conflict reconstruction and the role of law in protecting human rights and liberties.
His experiences range from managing of an international logistics company – international business experience – to holding several lectures in above mentioned fields and working as an active mediator chiefly in international private disputes. He is also active in the development of mediation in Slovenia as a board member of the Slovenian Association of Mediators. Additionally, he is functioning as a volunteer in prominent social matters such as human rights, poverty abolition and gender equality.

My professional vision as WMO Member: Humans have been on this planet for tens of thousands of years. Following this fact, one would surely assume we are learned and wise, however, it may not (yet) be so. One important facet of this maxim are also human relationships and the human society in general. I strongly believe that human progress is not limited to a technological one, for it is crucial to develop also, for the lack of a better word, our understanding of human interactions and social events. An important part of the human world are conflicts and communication. The first will always be a part of our lives and they cannot (or should not) be avoided as they may provide us with opportunities if taken as such. However, it is up to us to decide how we tackle the challenges of a conflict in our lives, as well as on the level of international relations. The second – communication – builds our world(s) and can be a source of great disagreement and a basis which we can shape up our solutions from. Both together can translate to cooperation and this is where, I believe, our future lies and an important part of that is mediation which addresses a conflict wholesome using the basic human ability – communication. Someone once said that politics is the art of the possible. I would apply that statement to mediation by saying mediation is the art of the possible, though not in the realpolitik meaning of the saying but in a more literal meaning.

Articles of Aleksander Jakobčič: … search here …

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