The WMO Consultancy section describes a strictly confidential on demand service, in the field of local, territorial, national and international conflict analysis and evaluation, that will be delivered by a selected team of WMO Task Force Experts, being highly familiar with the request’s issue. Hereby, we focus on unveiling and evaluating territorial and / or content related conflicts, political sustainability, and potential economic growth.

Such high-quality first-hand conflict reports will be created by an international team of experts who do not only offer local insights but also implement a wider scope and vision towards practical solutions. The members of this board cover a wide range of professional expertise, intercultural understanding, and form the global elite of crisis managers.

In order to initiate such an investigative process, we kindly ask you to contact us in due form and to share all necessary information that will enable us to briefly understand the topic of your request. Accordingly, we will be able to create a potential team of experts, to schedule a timeline, and to ask for further details, if necessary.

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