Restorative Justice: An Answer to Sexual Violence in Nepal?

1) KeyWords Nepal, South Asia, restorative justice, alternative justice, criminal justice, survivor-centered approach, sexual violence, gender-based violence, violence prevention, violence against women, taboo, patriarchy, civil war, high—level corruption, police corruption, healing, mental health, COVID-19 lockdown, victim-blaming, awareness, online sexual violence, cybercrime, NGOs, funding challenges, advocacy, sexual and reproductive health and rights, reintegration, women empowerment 2) Abstract Rising […]

The ACP, EPA, and The European Union Trade Agreements

The impact of globalization and trade brought with it the neoliberal-laissez-faire dialogue and the pursuit of profit. The ACP, EPA, and European Union trade agreements may be described as fitting this description. They make up some of the countries that have entered into international agreements for national interests. These multilateral trade agreements are aligned with […]

The Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands Conflict

Conflicts in the South China Sea are recurrent between the great powers, and the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands are one of them. Between regional and international leadership and the control of resources, China and Japan are in perpetual competition. Since the administration of the Senkaku Islands to Japan by the United States in 1971, Japan, Taiwan, and […]

New Start for Stability in Libya

The 74 members of the Libya Political Dialogue Forum meeting in Geneva, Switzerland with the mediation of the United Nations, on 5 February 2021, announced the creation of a new executive authority for all of Libya. This interim unity government would lead the administration until national elections which are to be held on 24 December […]

Why did the hope for peace associated with the Oslo process unravel so quickly?

The Oslo accords were a set of written agreements between Israel, represented by Labour party leader Yitzhak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat, who was representative of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, mediated in most part by US president Bill Clinton (Erakat, 2019). The first meeting, “Oslo I”, was signed in Washington D.C. in 1993. The “Oslo II” […]

Why is the Conflict in Lebanon So Intractable?

On October 17th of this year, Lebanese people took to the streets in an exceptional protest against government corruption following the announcement that there would be taxes imposed on the use of the free, internet-based messenger service WhatsApp. Distrusting sentiment towards the sectarian government has been brewing for as long as Lebanon has existed with […]

The civil war in South Sudan from 2013 – 2019

Background to the South Sudan Armed Conflict of December 2013 The Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 that ended 22 years of the North-South War in Sudan led to South Sudan’s eventual separation from Sudan and the creation as the United Nation’s 193 member state in 2011 (International Peace Institute, 2016).  South Sudan became the newest […]