UN Test Case alias Peacebuilding in Timor-Leste

The establishment of a new state in itself requires a mediator because on the brink of the 21st century there are no undiscovered lands that would provide space for a conflict free establishment of a new state hence any change in territorial authority will lead to conflict of interests between states, Timor-Leste is no exception.

Arms Trade Treaty: The work of the United Nations in disarment

Since World War II, an increasing number of states have decided to join world trading systems and thereby lower protectionist barriers. Contrary to general trends, such as trade liberalizations, certain goods such as drugs, antiquities, and arms have more and more become a matter of international control systems. Many governments do more and more restrict […]

The Indo-Nepali Treaty of Friendship

The Himalayan country of Nepal is well-known for its ancient culture, natural beauty, and ethnic diversity. The country was closed to the outside world until the 1950s, ruled by a monarchy. Since then, Nepal progressed and established a multi-party parliament system, which is the central outcome of the country’s decade-long civil war. Nepal is surrounded […]

Mindful Reflection on Resource Conflicts in Nepal

Nepal is a country in South Asia, well-known for its impressive mountains, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. Surrounded by its giant neighbors and global players India and China, the country is one of the poorest in the world. Nevertheless, its natural treasure is impressive. Water, forests, and natural biodiversity are crucial for the country, its […]

Biodiversity and Conflict in Nepal

The Government of Nepal is planning to construct a new international airport as the capacity of Nepal’s currently only international airport in Kathmandu has reached its limits. Apart from the presently constructed airports in Lumbini and Pokhara, government officials claim that an alternative to the capital’s Tribhuvan International Airport is urgently needed. Nijgadh, an area […]

The Bhutanese Refugee Crisis

According to Erdmann, conflict means two or more viewpoints, attitudes, expectations, or strategic approaches collide. Conflicts are a part of human relationships, on personal, industrial, community, national, or international level. A dispute is a normal part of life and found in political parties, friendships, relationships, family, church, and social organizations. Some conflicts are open; some […]

The New Maoist Conflict In Nepal

Following a decade-long insurgency and a tumultuous peace process, a new conflict might be in the making in Nepal (Adhikari 2019). After the civil war ended in Nepal, the Government of Nepal established a new constitution in 2015 and was, therefore, criticized by the opposition, especially the Maoist Communist Party. Mindfulness as a mindset might […]

Informant Mechanism: A long haul

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) on 17 September 2019, notified a number of amendments to the existing insider trading regime the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) (Third Amendment) Regulations, 2019 (the “Amendment”)1 which shall come into force on December 26, 2019.